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Landing and parking fees


​Guidelines on landing and parking fees

  1. Landing fees should be paid PRIOR departure. A paper-based invoice will be sent out if no landing fee is paid prior departure via this web page and a $30.00 accounting fee will apply.

  2. Jindabyne aero club members - Non commercial ops - Free of charge (Visiting often? You can join the club here and save!)

  3. Commercial operators pay landing fees as published here, or they can enter into a Commercial Operators Agreement with the Club at a negotiated rate.

  4. Visiting RAA registered ultra light - $8.00 per landing

  5. Visiting "VH" registered aircraft up to 2 ton - $12.00 per ton - $12.00 minimum

  6. Visiting fixed wing aircraft over 2 ton - $25 per ton based on MTOW

  7. Visiting rotary wing $8.00 per ton based on MTOW

  8. Overnight parking fees $12 per night or $40 per week

  9. Any damage to facilities including runways is the responsibility of the aircraft operator. Any repairs as assessed by JAC must be paid for by the operator and is additional to landing fees.

  10. Excludes GST

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