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Vale - Edwin Kraft

There is a silence in the mountain That’s not been there before For Edwin Kraft has left us And will be seen no more His footprint is a large one Across the Monaro Plains Throughout the Snowy Mountains

That's where he made his name

A man of many talents And these are just a few From driving trucks and diggers, and breeding cattle too And racing bikes to win the race He was ever up there, on the pace

He will be missed by many

His works are everywhere

The RFS, the RMS, to mention just a pair

And there are many others

From throughout the shire

Who will remember him

And shed a grateful tear,

And wish him all very best

When he arrives up there.

And when we think of Krafty,

Let's not forget his mate

Roxy (Rocket), his constant friend,

Will be with him at the Gate.

- Paul Duncan, on behalf of all members @ JAC

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